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​For many years Brüsch A/S has worked with the medical device sector to solve highly specialised tasks that make great demands on materials, complexity and traceability. We are familiar with these demands and can handle them...

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For decades Brüsch A/S has been supplier to the energy sector. You find our customers in the offshore sector, among others, where we have also produced equipment for fibre optic surveying of the seabed.

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For a number of years Brüsch A/S has been the preferred subcontractor of components for high-tech development projects both for universities as well as high-tech development Companies.


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Brüsch A/S has the expertise which makes us the obvious choice of supplier of components for satellite communication and surveillance equipment as well as equipment to solve particularly demanding logistical tasks.

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​Brüsch A/S’ core competence is manufacturing precision components according to the customer’s specifications. Our experienced and skilled employees ensure that the well-known Brüsch Quality is delivered every time.


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Brüsch A / S is a modern and visionary supplier of machining with more than 50 years of experience. Our customers can be found in industries such as; Medtech, Energy, Science, Defence and generally in industries where precision and quality are key words.

We want to deliver an extraordinary job for each customer, which we trust and close cooperation seeking the best result. With delivery in class and individual quality adjustment ensures we are also a great satisfaction.

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